Privacy Policy


Users who visit my website are subject to have some data collected from them, includingalthough not limited to your IP, general location, browser language, OS version, etc. No personal information is collected without explicit consent, and all data is relatively anonymous. Almost all data is collected through Google Analytics, a popular third party service used to monitor user traffic on websites. Click here to view their website and privacy policy.

Google ReCAPTCHA operates on my website in the background to verify that you are not a robot.It does this by tracking your mouse movement, keystrokes, etc. If it is unsure, it may prompt you asking you to click boxes to verify your authenticity. Google ReCAPTCHA may read or modify your cookies throughout this entire process. Click here to view their website.


Cookies are a way of associating a specific browser/user to their usage of a website.Cookies are used on my website in order to keep track of how you navigate across my website, which pages you use most, etc. Google Analytics uses cookies to track users. Similarly, cookies are used to make sure you remain logged into your accounts and don't lose any data you may have been working with when you close or reload your browser.


Most of my projects have their own special requirements, and as a result may have a differentprivacy policy. Please check the project page for it's own "Privacy" or "Privacy Policy" link. If you cannot find one, then you can assume it follows the same guidelines listed here, although do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to confirm this or have any questions.

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